Blogger Relations

Blogger Relations

The blogosphere is a huge and under-utilized PR opportunity for brands. Customers trust bloggers because they are someone just like them. Many even go to regular salaried jobs and write only because they care. Most don’t have any brand affiliations or pressing business ambitions from their blog writings. This makes them all powerful. And the online platform ensures they have easy access to millions and can really viral interesting content. Their reach further gets amplified when mainstream media vehicles like newspapers, TV, radio and even wire agencies pick up their content and re-publish the same to their audiences.

Writing purely out of their passion for a cause or subject matter, they often source information from online community chatters, peers or their investigations. Like journalists, Bloggers too need to receive exciting stories and ideas that they can feed to their legions of devoted followers.

Key Benefits of Blogger Relations

  • Bloggers can become brand ambassadors
  • The blogosphere lets you talk directly to target audiences
  • Bloggers need your stories and ideas
  • Blogs dramatically increase SEO benefits
  • Blogs create the shareable content needed by Social Media

Our Blogger Relations Service

Through a structured Blogger Outreach, we track and engage Bloggers who write on subjects your target customers want to read. By keeping such Bloggers informed about your latest innovation or other brand stories of interest, we enable Bloggers to write about your innovation or brand story in a way that convinces your target customers to consume it.

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