Media & Blog Content

Media and Blog Content

The key focus for any Media & Blog Content is to make it easier for target journalists to identify news value and subject relevance to readers at first glance. Ignore this and your important press release or trend article is likely to be ignored by the media and bloggers.

By presenting corporate news or content in an interesting and seemingly exclusive manner, journalists seek to enhance their personal reputation amongst readers and brand reputation. Given that good readership directly impacts advertising revenue of any media outlet, journalists want you to do half their work for them at the content development stage.

Bloggers, on the other hand, don’t usually like to receive promotional content from corporate entities. They prefer to setup automated alerts or RSS feeds for latest news and trends on subjects of interest to them across search engines or corporate blogs. This way they get to choose the topic they want to comment or analyze for their followers.

By thinking like a journalist or a blogger we make sure your Media and Blog content gets noticed, promoted and keeps you in news and in front of your target customers.

Our Media & Blog Content Services help you:

  • Identify news and content that can be presented in an interesting way to media and bloggers
  • Package content in a manner that highlights news value and reader relevance
  • Repurpose content to serve specific needs of different media and blogger targets

Media & Blog Content Services

  • Media Kit for company, product or service
  • Press Release development and rolling calendar management

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