Media Training

Media Training

Every brand needs a champion. And a well articulated one at that.

For the brand to be seen in good light, brand champions otherwise known as spokespersons need to articulate the brand’s key value propositions in an attractive manner, at every given opportunity and everywhere. With journalists clamouring for interesting and engaging stories they can develop for their readers, viewers and listeners, they can be incisive in their questioning, often to the discomfort of the spokesperson(s).

Our media training programs are designed to not just help brand spokerpersons to know what to say at the right time but also how to say it in a manner that it converts to strong PR for the brand. Additionally, beyond delivering compelling brand messages it is also designed to help spokespersons answer even the most challenging questions with confidence.

The one day media training program is designed to coach no more than 4-5 spokespersons at a time. Our trainers are expert PR and Communication professionals. Each participant receives an on-camera practice with personalized feedback, as well as an in-person evaluation of their messages and approach

Key Training Benefits:

  • How to use words, tone, and body language

Deliver brand messages in a powerful way. This is especially needed when you are speaking on television where audiences are not only listening to words but also picking up on body language and facial expressions

  • Develop confidence in speaking with the media

This is especially needed for those who are terrified by interviews

  • Define and deliver key messages with aplomb

Key messages should be original, short, focused on what the brand’s target audience needs to hear about the benefits of a product or service

  • Develop prepared responses to difficult questions

Sometimes journalists can ask you questions that are difficult to answer or put you on the spot

  • Learning to control any media interview

When you are clear about your responses, you can steer the interview in the direction you want. This is a subtle and important skill that can be learned through media training and practice

  • You’re less likely to get misquoted

Media training can help avoid the possibility of being misquoted through learning the specific skills of clear, concise and effective communication

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