PR for Change Management

Change Management

Change is scary, even when the expected intent or outcome positive.

Change management supported by time tested PR techniques help prepare audiences about impact of oncoming change and maintain proactive information flow throughout transition. Not only does this approach addresses audience concerns but also helps keep the brand in the news.

A number of opportunities keep coming up in a brand’s lifecycle that can be result in great media coverages.

Change Management Opportunities:

  • Re-branding – not just a change in livery but also an opportunity to communicate a change in the company’s goals, culture and practices
  • Leadership Change – every leader has a personal style and often this is reflected in the way an organization manages its clients, partners, social responsibility and business operations. By communicating a change in leadership you end up communicating business style and intent to both internal and external customers of the organization
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Investments – just like in the case of leadership, M&A and investment changes need to be explained to an organization’s stake holders

PR plays a pivotal role in change management, to both internal and external customers, given their ability to develop communications,  media networking to disseminate news about the transition and provide insights into potential reaction to change.

Change Management Using PR

  • Developing Communications & Channels – personalized announcements that communicate change, address concerns proactively and develop web, social, broadcast and meetup channels to communicate  change
  • Broadcasting the Change to employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, media, bloggers, analysts
  • Manage Reactions across web, social, blogs, forums, media platforms

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