PR for India Market Entry

India Market Entry

The second most populus country in the world, India is the land of opportunity. A robust economy, rising disposable income and a stable political environment presents a lucrative opportunity for both domestic and international companies to engage this 1.3 Billion people market.

India Market Entry Challenges

Due to diverse nature of consumer market, propensity for bargaining, decentralized political and tax regimes, and ever evolving buying habits influenced by language, climatic, cultural and geographical factors make it difficult to enter and engage this market successfully.

Few factors that make it easy for the visiting multinational are:

  • Local partner – who can be the eyes or ears on ground during the launch phase
  • Brand Buzz – just because you are big multinational does not mean all stake holders in India have heard enough about you. Invest in a structured PR program for successful India Market Entry
  • Localized offering – Enter the market with a single product that is clearly a market winner and will help mind share and market share for the brand upon India Market Entry
  • Sensitive to local conditions – Although a growing economy not all parts of India are equally educated or connected by road, air or rail. Research local conditions before developing a marketing mix to engage customers

Over the years, we have helped multinational companies make a successful entry and establish a strong brand presence in the Indian market, offline and online.

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