PR for Lead Generation

PR for Lead Generation

Web 2.0 is driving a significant change in customer buying behavior, whether you target millenials, GenY or BabyBoomers or B2B customers.

The consumers of today pride themselves on staying informed about stuff close to their heart. They continuously trawl search engines, social media, blogs and even setup automated content feeds to stay informed on latest trends, products and news while at home, on road, at work or even at their favorite hangout. PR driven lead generation campaigns help direct useful content needed by target customers vide media, blog, search and social channels and win purchase.

Lead Generation Channels

  • Media – Initially setup to bring news to the masses, today media outlets bring brand information the customer doorstep and offer credible product reviews, news analysis, customer case studies and host a number of events where brands and target customers connect
  • Social media – initially designed to help peers connect and share information with each other, today also help direct news, brand information, experiences and trend alerts based on a user profile
  • Blogs – initially setup by individuals needing a platform to voice their knowledge or opinions, today Blogs help answer consumer queries and often ending up influencing buying preferences
  • Search Engines – initially designed to deliver search results in milliseconds, today they also incorporate an answer engine. If the current pace continues one can expect even more capabilities in days to come

Lead Generation PR Campaign

  • Identify Web & Social outlets where your customers are converging and engage them there
  • Develop and Market Content that your customers are looking for on Search, Social, Media and Blogs and win their mindshare
  • Listen to what your customers are saying on social channels and interact with them in continuum. Top of mind recall and positive brand experience earns loyal customers, always.

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