PR for Startups

PR for Startup

Startups are sought after by everyone not only because they promise to disrupt existing markets with their innovation but also because they promise to induce life into otherwise ‘sleepy’ market verticals. Once a startup enters a market space, soon other “me too” brands follow and suddenly everyone wants to a piece of the action in that space.

While many startups produce huge returns for their founders and investors, a comparatively larger number of them fail. Those who succeed do so purely on their ability to continuously engage and drive customer acquisition growth.

Operating under constant resource constraints, startups usually prefer not to invest in structured marketing programs choosing to approach it more on ‘whenever I need to’ basis. Result. They fail to break through the noise and in letting their target customers know they have a much better solution for a critical problem.

Benefits of implementing PR for Startups

Having started number of ventures ourselves, we dare say we understand the startup founder mindset intimately.  We have a history of devising unique marketing innovations that effectively help a startup break free from the clutter to win customers and mind share of their influencers.

Understanding that one shoe may not fit all, we work closely with Startup founders to identify and apply our most suitable PR centric marketing strategies that fit their needs in the immediate, short and longer term while staying focused on conversions.

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