Public Relations

We have the experience, expertise and relationships you need to succeed

Visibility & Positioning

Through quality coverage in media your target audiences read or by engaging with influencers they love, we help provide strong visibility and positioning for your brand.

Thought Leadership

We help create content you need - articles, blogs, case studies, e-books, videos, presentations and more - to articulate your value proposition at various brand touch points.

Build Momentum

By helping you engage with your target audiences - customers, partners and employees - we enable you to know them better and for them to share what they need.

We believe your business is ready for PR when

Your market is defined

You Allocate PR Budget

You have clear PR goals

You have stories to tell

You dedicate time for PR

We Are Trusted PR Partner For Tech Brands since 1998

Enterprise Tech PR

We help communicate how your enterprise technology innovations are enabling business transformation in ways your company becomes a well recognized brand among potential customers and those who influence them.

Consumer Tech PR

To succeed, consumer tech brand have to matter to target audiences. By shaping authentic brand narratives that inspire and make a difference to the people that matter, we help you engage, connect, and "position" your product or service into their lives

Vertical Tech PR

Technology is all pervasive. Industry specific technology innovations deliver numerous business and cost advantages. We have deep experience working with fintech, edutech, martech, healthtech, logisticstech brands

What our clients say about us

“EXL PR has been a pleasure to work with. They are well-connected within the IT and cybersecurity industry and have developed a strong understanding of our technology, enabling them to share our story with the right audience.The EXL PR team’s keen understanding of messaging, timing, and audience has been instrumental in our strategy to deliver enterprise-class security and cloud technology to organizations across South Asia. .”
Adam Cason
Director of Product Marketing, Futurex

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in technology PR. For over 21 years, we have worked with Enterprise Tech (B2B), Consumer Tech (B2C), Healthtech (B2B & B2C), Edutech (B2B & B2C), Fintech, Martech (B2B) and many other brands.  Within each of these domains, we have worked on numerous sub-domains. If you are in tech, there is a good chance we have worked on campaigns in your industry. 

Our engagement model is directly linked to objectives of your campaign and the time required to achieve goals set. Having said that, we prefer to work on a retainer model but at times work on interesting projects as well.

Measuring quantity and quality of media placements are common metrics for success of a PR campaign. Looking beyond, we also include metrics that indicate the PR messaging is reaching its intended audience and is helping your business grow.

We will offer you a range of services based on your campaign goals. In doing so, we clearly itemise the deliverables and related commercials for your clear understanding. For any additional activities that you may want to engage with us for, we take a project based approach.

We provide informal coaching to spokespersons, especially startup founders, on how to engage with the media. We also provide formal media training , complete with simulated media interactions, for companies with a larger team of spokespeople. This is, however, charged on a project basis.

To succeed, a PR campaign requires strong brand champions on both the agency and the client side. As a client, you will need to find the time needed for tweeting, blogging or being available to speak with media on demand. Additionally, you should treat the agency more as business partners or advisors and not as vendors who are shared information on a need-to-know basis.

Dayanand Muthukrishnan

CEO & Group Account Director