Visual Communications

Visual Communications

We like everything pictorial. It is appealing, easy to understand and very easy to remember. That’s why visual communications are a rage across social media channels and more recently among corporate communicators as well.

The idea is to take even a simple communication, for e.g. Setup of a printer, and convert it to something that can be done in 4-5 easy to understand steps by the buyer himself. By graphically depicting the steps that need to be followed by the customer the company is helping not just the buyer but also saving on installation costs needed for a support executive customer site visit.

Beyond this simple example, Visual Communications can help introduce a complex idea, concept or best practice to a prospect or customer, albeit in stages and based on his reception, remotely.

Through our visual communications service, we help demystify your complex idea or communication into an easy to absorb visual communication designed to trigger a pre-defined response from target customers, internal or external.

Our Visual Communications Service offers development & marketing of

  • Infographics
  • E-Books
  • Games/Contest Microsites or Apps
  • How to Videos

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