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For over two decades, we have promoted cutting-edge innovations that transform the way we work, play, learn, entertain, bank, invest, recuperate, transport, and more.

Our clients love us for our strong network, relationships, ability to articulate complex innovations in a way that drives rapid adoption, and for our experience in working equally well with market leaders, emerging enterprises, and disruptive startups.

With an experienced team, presence across major markets in India, and an integrated bouquet of PR services, we have everything you need to win in India.

How to successfully enter the Indian cyber security market?


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Some Business Goals We Help Drive

Competitive Advantage

You believe you are the best at what you do. Yet, you wonder why your competitors are getting all the attention. Maybe you are not visible enough or talking about stuff your customers love to hear. Talk to us. We can help.

Talent & Thought Visibility

Your talent pool is impressive. You lead the market in intellectually. Yet you wonder why prospective clients are not knocking at your door. Maybe you have not showcased your talent. Talk to us. We can help.

Brand Advocacy & Recommend

You believe word-of-mouth and recommendations from trusted sources can influence audience perception and purchase behavior towards your brand. Talk to Us. We can help enable trusted source advocacy for you.

Brand Visibiity & Positioning

You seek greater visibility to engage newer markets and better positioning to derive higher value for your offerings. Talk to us. We can help you stay in front of your audiences and win against the competition.

Communicate Change Positively

Change is difficult, scary, and sometimes unwelcome. Talk to us. We can help communicate change positively and with sensitivity, assuaging audience misgivings to enable a smoother transition.

Educate Audiences, Influence Opinion

To influence audiences to change established norms or practices is challenging but possible. How? With empathetic storytelling, trusted source advocacy, and audience engagement. Talk to us. We can help.

Whatever Your Goals, We Deliver Results You Need.

What our clients say about us

"EXL has shown superb and phenomenal expertise in conducting public relations and marketing tasks that successfully elevates Synology brand awareness and product knowledge among the Indian market. I thoroughly enjoy the professionalism, the attentiveness, and importantly the willingness to strive for excellence from the EXL India team."
Tony Chu
Regional Marketing Specialist, Synology Inc.

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